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Heat shrinkable sleeves production and selling.

Heat shrinkable sleeves

Pipelines in polyurethane foam (PUF) insulation have become a real innovation in the field of organization of heating networks.
Thanks to the use of this type of pipes, the life of the heating networks has significantly increased, and the maintenance costs have been significantly reduced. And, most importantly, the heat loss during the transfer from the manufacturer to the consumers has decreased.

Set of sealing joints

Designed for thermal insulation of welded joints of steel pipes insulated with polyurethane foam in a protective polyethylene pipe sheath or spiral sheath of galvanized sheet steel.

Depending on the type and method of installation of KZS couplings, there are four types:

set of sealing joints with heat-shrinkable polyethylene coupling
KZSl (T)
lightweight sealing kit with heat shrinkable polyethylene coupling
set of sealing joints with heat-shrinkable polyethylene coupling and heating element
set of sealing joints with galvanized coupling

The composition of the GLC includes the following materials:

Heat-shrinkable tape LTAS
Reinforced adhesive tape
Plate two-layer castle LZA brands
Component system of polyurethane foam “A” – polyol and “B” – isocyanate
Cork assembly
Deaerator plug
Control wire holder
Wire connector
Galvanized sheet
A heating element
Heat shrinkable polyethylene coupling

Reinforced adhesive tape

The tape is designed for sealing heat-shrinkable sleeves when installed on polymer sheaths of pipelines. The width of the tape (40, 80) mm, thickness (2.0 ± 0.2) mm.

Basic physical and mechanical properties of the tape:

The name of indicators 

Water absorption,%, not more


v Strength of adhesive bonding under shear at a temperature of (20 ± 5) ° С, N / cm2, not less than, from:

HDPE grades 273-83, PE80B-275
radiation-modified LDPE


Certificate of conformity

It must be understood that a proper installation of the pipeline is a prerequisite for saving energy efficiency. A particularly important point that experts pay attention to is the correct insulation of the pipe joints. The most reliable method of sealing joints is the use of a heat-shrinkable sleeve (thermal coupling).

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